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Our Values



  • ‘’ Educated Employee ‘’; to provide to constant development with carrying the proficiency of our employees to higher level ,

  • ‘’Quality Products’’; to provide the products of customer needs and requests which matches with Domestic and International Standards.

  • ‘’Customer Always Right ‘’;to meet the customer requests during sale and after sale , with the maximum satisfaction.

  • ‘’Quality of our supplier , determining our quality’’; to work to our supplier with respect and right behaviors , helps increasing to our suppliers quality.

  • ‘’Eficiency determine our future ‘’ prevent of prodigality while using raw materials , energy , machine , finance and human recourses.

  • ‘’Enviromental Consciousness’’;To manufacture without any Enviromental pollution to each level of production and recycling the wastes with the economical values.

  • ‘’Occupational Health and Security ‘’; to resume workers health (body and spiritually) with under the principle and rules of occupational health and security .